Reliable Roofing, Inc. offers the highest quality roof top service and roof maintenance. We have implemented a Quality Assurance Program along with experienced personnel, making certain that we continue to provide the highest level of service, quality, and workmanship. Response time within 24 hours of when a call comes in on leak emergencies.

Return on Investment

Along with regular repairs and maintenance, the RTS customer will receive a set number of free leak calls per agreement. (The norm for customer’s return on investment is $3.00 to every $1.00)

Our Service Technicians will perform an inspection of your roof in order to:


1Provide a comprehensive analysis of your roof.

2Provide the customer with a proposal of possible repairs to extend the life of the roof.

3Provide the customer with budgeting and planning information at no charge.

Our Operating Values


Successful execution of each and every roofing project is very important to us and we have been rewarded for our efforts; over 75% of our work is repeat business from our satisfied customers.

Proactive Scope of Work

It ensures direction, and prioritization in regards to the roof’s current condition as well as being on top of problems as they occur.


Is a featured asset in our company. Being approved applicators with most major roofing manufacturers, allows us to perform repairs on virtually any type of roof system.

Roof History Maintenance Records

You will receive photos accompanied by a punch list showing what repairs were made and where. RTS is essential for any residential or commercial roof. Most manufacturers require regular roof maintenance to keep warranty valid.