Metal Roof Pros and Cons

While a steel house may still sound like something from a science fiction movie, a steel roof is becoming a more and more common feature in contemporary architecture. Durable, lightweight, and modern looking, metal roofs – whether made from steel, aluminum, or other metal roofing materials – have gained increasing popularity among present-day designers, builders, Read More

Cost to Replace a Roof

A new roof is an expensive building improvement project, whether for a residential property or a commercial one. The typical range a property owner would spend to replace a worn roof is $5,114 to $9,765. Roofing contractors and insurance companies will quote per square foot installed. Between $3.50 and $5.00 per square foot is average, Read More

Sloped or Flat Roofing? Which One is Better?

Roofs commonly are built in one of two varieties: sloped and flat; although, a flat commercial roof is not 100 percent flat. The gentle, two-percent slope is hardly visible but necessary for numerous practical reasons. When it comes time to choose a business property, consider the advantages of a flat roof versus those of a Read More

Commercial Roof Safety Hazards

Whether flat or sloped, a commercial roof is loaded with hazards that can cause roofers to slip and fall, even to their death. Safety risks including perimeter walls, skylights, decking, and merely exposure to the natural elements can scream the risk of injuries. Simply taking the right precautions and steps is crucial and can even Read More

Commercial Roof Replacement vs. Repair

Finding a leak in a commercial roof can be stressful, especially when you know that it hasn’t been replaced for years. But there may actually be a simple fix, even decades after being installed. Not to say that this is the case for you, rather, there are signs to look for that can help you Read More

Common Flat Roof Drainage Solutions

There are many architectural designs for homes and commercial buildings that incorporate flat roofing.  A flat roof not only works with the aesthetic of many building designs, but it is also durable and resistant to environmental factors that can lead to roof damage such as wind, hail, and animals.  Flat roofing in residential settings may Read More

Prepare Your Roof for the Winter with These Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

As you get ready to handle another Chicago winter, do not forget to follow these roof maintenance tips to ensure that your home will be protected from the winter weather.  If you need professional assistance to maintain your roof, contact Reliable Roofing.  We provide a range of commercial roofing services, including roof maintenance, for businesses in Lake Zurich, IL and the surrounding areas.

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