Why Commercial Roofers Should Review Contracts Thoroughly Before Signing

Often faced with various types of paperwork, including their own job-related documents and customer bid packages, contractors find themselves repeatedly encountering contracts. While contracts may not always be explicitly labeled as such, they govern the legal instructions for project execution. This complexity often leads busy professionals to sign contracts without thorough review, which can result Read More

Reliable Roofing TPO flat roof on New Construction

In this video, we showcase the installation of a TPO membrane on the flat roof of a newly constructed convenience store in the Chicago area. Our skilled teams affix rigid polyisocyanurate roofing insulation and secure the single-ply TPO roofing membrane using the mechanical attachment technique.

The Consequences of Going with the LOW LOW Bidder

  Most building owners and facility managers understand the importance of maintaining the commercial building’s flat roof. However, at some point in the roof lifecycle, leaks, degradation, and age make a roof replacement necessary. So, the owner goes out for bid to replace the roof. They typically obtain bids from at least 3 bidders.  And Read More