WindSmart Roofing System

WindSmart Roofing System
Windsmart Pressure equalization vent installed on a real project.

At Reliable Roofing, we are committed to installing and maintaining commercial roofing systems that you can count on for the best possible protection.  We are also committed to using cutting-edge technology to protect your building and lower your roofing costs.  Finally, we are committed to offering our customers green solutions which also make strong fiscal sense.   We now proudly offer WindSmart roofing systems in the Chicago area.  If you want the latest in roofing technology, to decrease installation costs, and keep tons of old roofing materials out of the landfill, WindSmart may be the choice for your commercial facility.

WindSmart systems use a combination of proprietary air-sealing technology and patented WindForce 365 pressure equalization vents to harness the wind and secure the roof to the building.  The result is a roof system that can be installed on the most difficult substrates without adhesives or fasteners.  Perhaps most amazingly, the WindSmart System can be configured to remove entrapped moisture from new and existing roof systems.

WindSmart roof systems with their innovative technologies can be configured to make the system more resistant to wind, rain, hail, and moisture.  These roofing systems offer superior weather protection and a very cost-effective installation investment.

What is the WindSmart Roof System?

Windsmart Commercial Roof Installation
Windsmart roofs are installed using traditional tools and methods.

The WindSmart roof system, developed by WindSmart, LLC, is a commercial roofing system that uses air sealing techniques and pressure equalizing technology to create a vacuum which secures the roof to the building.  The wind generated vacuum created by the pressure equalizing technology also removes entrapped moisture by causing it to vaporize and be expelled through the vents.

The constant removal of moisture from within the roof system extends the life of the roof substrate, insulation and the waterproofing membrane.  All of this adds up to cost savings for the building owner.  The lower cost comes in the form of significantly decreased installation cost and lower routine repair costs.  In fact, the WindSmart roofing system has one of the lowest life-cycle costs of all available commercial roofing systems.

How Does the WindSmart Roofing System Work?

The stronger the wind, the tighter the bond.

When wind blows against a building with a conventional roofing system, the wind will hit the horizontal wind stream and this collision creates a horizontal vortex or tornado with an updraft.  The pressure from the vortex creates an uplift that pulls at the roof which compromises the integrity of the roof system over time.  The WindSmart roofing system works by equalizing the pressure of the uplift at the corners and perimeter and transferring the low pressure to “vacuum pack” the roof and the underlying structure.

With WindSmart roofing systems, one-way pressure equalizing vents are installed at corners and around the perimeter to release the pressure caused by wind uplifts under the roof membrane.  This creates a vacuum in the underlying substrate of the roof that keeps the membrane in place with resistance that is greater than that of the wind uplift.  This means that the stronger the wind, the more secure the roof will be.

The vacuum created by the pressure equalization can also remove moisture entrapped within the roofing system.  Within the vacuum, the moisture is quickly vaporized and then expelled through the equalization vents.

The equalization of the wind uplift and removal of trapped moisture makes these roofing systems more durable and longer lasting.  The WindSmart roofing system accomplishes this using simple science and its effectiveness has been documented in multiple independent laboratory tests.

WindSmart Roofing System Benefits

Inexpensive, no chemicals, no tear-off.

The WindSmart roofing system has been installed on hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings with a proven track record of success.  The following are the main benefits of switching to a WindSmart roofing system:

  • High weather resistance: Wind, hail, and rain are quite damaging to roofing systems. The configuration, innovative technology, and quality materials used for WindSmart roofing systems make them highly resistant to damaging winds, hail, and moisture.  This roofing system is one of the best available when it comes to resistance to wind uplift.
  • Entrapped moisture removal: Moisture trapped within commercial roofing systems can cause damage over time that impacts the longevity of the roof. The WindSmart roofing system has been laboratory tested and field proven to remove entrapped moisture with the vacuum created within the roofing system.  This will improve the thermal performance and longevity of the roof.
  • Cost-effective installation: WindSmart roofing systems can be installed in a cost-effective manner as they require less fastening to secure the roof and utilize loose-laid materials.
  • Low lifecycle costs: The high wind resistance, moisture removal, and high-quality roofing products of these roofing systems makes them very durable. This will drastically cut down in maintenance costs.
  • Environmental stewardship: The WindSmart roofing system stays dry and protects the underlying structure which makes these materials recyclable and cuts down on waste.

Environmentally Friendly

WindSmart Roofing - Environment Friendly
A WindSmart roof can be installed over this keeping tons of petroleum products out of the landfills. On this project, we kept an estimated 100 tons of materials out of the landfill.

In the age of green initiatives that tend to cost a lot of green, WindSmart has developed a green building solution that is generally far less expensive than traditional roofing.  Moreover, WindSmart systems are most-often installed as retrofit overlay systems.  This means building owners avoid the expense, noise, and dirt of tearing off the old roof.  That means tons of petroleum -based roofing products stay out of landfills. On a recent project in Elgin, we kept 250 tons of roofing materials out of the landfill by simply overlaying the old roof with a WindSmart roof.

Contact Reliable Roofing

Windsmart Roof
WindSmart roofs can be enhanced with high quality gypsum coverboards. In this picture, Reliable Roofing technicians install gypsum coverboard (gray board in the foreground) prior to installing the final roof membrane. This feature can make the roof more resistant to damage from hail and foot traffic.

If you are interested in the WindSmart roofing system for your commercial building in the Chicago area, contact the roofing professionals of Reliable Roofing.  Our licensed and bonded roofers can install this innovative, highly weather resistant roofing system that will better protect your building and save you in roof maintenance costs.

We are available to provide commercial roof installations throughout the north and northwest Chicago suburbs, including Arlington Heights, Bolingbrook, Carol Stream, Carol Stream, Elgin, Elk Grove Village,  Schaumburg,  Northbrook, Skokie, IL, and surrounding areas.  You can contact Reliable Roofing by calling (815) 981-9898.


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Disclaimer. Technical, lifespan, performance and scientific claims made on this page are provided by WindSmart LLC.  Reliable Roofing makes no claims of any sort related to WindSmart roof systems and relies on WindSmart LLC for all information related to WindSmart systems.

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