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Licensed and insured up to $6 million.

Having an established roof protection system is a requirement for all commercial and multi-family properties, according to OSHA. This is to allow service providers to safely perform work on the building. But the organization has just introduced a new rule, requiring building owners to have roof anchors installed as a part of this system.

These roof anchors will secure all ropes and lifelines, minimizing the risk of injuries. Our professionals at Reliable Roofing will gladly install these roof anchors for you, ensuring that they are secured to the building and installed in the right places to meet OSHA’s rules and regulations.

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Reliable Roofing is available in Elk Grove Village, IL to provide professional roof anchor installation services. In addition to installation, our professionals can also provide the annual inspection and maintenance required by OSHA to keep your building updated.

Reliable Roofing has extensive training and experience in the roofing industry. We are licensed by the state of Illinois and insured up to $6 million. We are also a proud member of NRCA, the National Roofing Contractors Association, committed to providing ethical, cost-effective roofing services for all building owners.

The Requirement to Install Roof Anchors

Many roofers, window washers, and other contractors depend on a roof’s fall protection system for their safety. As a new addition to the system, roof anchors are now a necessity for all buildings. It is crucial to ensure that they are installed properly and in the right places to minimize the risk of injuries.

OSHA’s new rule 1910.27(b) clearly states that “rooftop anchors must be able to support at least 5,000 pounds as well as inspected, certified, and maintained.” If a building owner cannot provide written proof that these requirements are met, contractors will disallow their employees from performing any work on the building.

Rooftop Anchor Installation Elk Grove Village, IL

With extensive training and experience, Reliable Roofing is fully equipped to properly install anchors onto rooftops of all materials and sizes.

Our roof anchor installation process covers all of the following:

  • The roof is inspected to determine the best spots for the anchors.
  • Parts of the roof membrane and insulation will be cut out to fit the anchors.
  • The anchor is fitted and secured into place using concrete bolts and epoxy.
  • The anchor is covered with the roof insulation and membrane to fill the rest of the space.
  • The roof membrane is torched and sealed to be watertight.

Installing roof anchors on your building is now more important than ever. Without them, many contractors will refuse to do any work until receiving proof that they are installed and secured.

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For a free estimate on roof anchor installation services in Elk Grove Village, IL, call Reliable Roofing at (815) 981-9898.

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